Meet Katie!

Born and raised in Boston’s infamous Southie, Katie grew up surrounded by Boston history, fostering in her a passion for colonial America that inspired her to graduate from Boston University with a degree in History and Political Science. While attending BU, located so close to Fenway Park, Katie’s favorite spot in the city was watching the Red Sox play from her apartment window!


Meet Conor!

Conor grew up in New Bedford, MA and has spent time in Boston his whole life. After attending Northeastern University he moved to the North End of Boston where he is gaining a pound a month thanks to the pasta and cannoli. Conor enjoys trying new breweries and has been to 100 and counting. 


Meet Joe!

Before Joe moved to Boston in 2012, he would travel to the city yearly to visit family– his first trip to Boston being just two weeks after he was born. From then until now, Joe has been crawling around the Quincy Market area although now it’s from bar to bar where he enjoys a local Harpoon IPA. Having studied film, he’s always down to talk about what’s new in theaters, on Netflix, or just rehash scenes from The Departed.


Meet Jess!

Currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in History at Harvard University, Jess came to Boston 10 years ago to obtain her first degree. She has also lived in London and Madrid but her favorite place is here in Boston. Specifically, The Puppet Free Library– an underground library of float-sized puppets hidden in the Back Bay. Yes, it’s real, and yes, like a library it’s free and puppets can be “checked-out”. She is often found at a downtown bar drinking Stella Artois and if it’s football season, cheering for the Patriots!


Meet Mike! 

Originally from Central Massachusetts, Mike attended the University of Vermont before moving to Boston shortly after graduation. A diehard Boston sports fan, and lover of craft beers, Mike is often seen within the hallowed grounds of Fenway Park or exploring the developing beer scene of Boston’s neighborhoods. After grading Science quizzes or hiking around New England, he enjoys kicking back with a Fiddlehead IPA or Peeper from Maine Beer Company. 


Meet Will!

5 years ago, Will and his wife arrived in Boston as Will sought a Master’s degree in Education. Now, Will has received his degree, teaches third grade, and calls Boston home. Unlike most Bostonians, Will’s favorite spot in the city is his commute. Will bikes to work which takes him along the Esplanade on the Charles River: a picturesque wooded path following the contours of the river. After biking home, Will usually sits in his backyard, sipping a DDH Saturation by Mystic Brewery in Chelsea, MA.


Meet Steve!

Steve was born and raised in Boston.  A life-long Red Sox fan, his favorite non-Fenway Park places in Boston are the Public Garden, the Museum of Science, and the Brattle Theater.  He moved out West to study film for a time, and has returned home to continue to tell the historical stories he grew up around. Steve enjoys a strong drink, so his current favorite beer is Lord Hobo’s Boomsauce.


Meet Lexie!

Like so many, Lexie came to Boston to pursue higher education. She’s currently a grad student at the Boston Conservatory at Berklee and is living life in Boston to the fullest. Lexie loves hustle and bustle of the city, everything that comes with living in the urban jungle, and the Red Sox. You can often find her in and around Kenmore Square for class, cuisine, or just some good game day atmosphere. With the new school year starting Lexie will enjoy cracking into some Awake Porter Aged with Coffee from Night Shift Brewing; one beer for all your grad school needs.


Meet Paxton!

Paxton grew up in a small town just outside of Portland, Oregon, before making a big leap out to Boston in 2013 for college. While at Tufts University, he double-majored in Drama and Economics while keeping his free time booked with student theatre productions and hiking trips with the Tufts Mountain Club. He has since performed all throughout the Boston area and beyond, in productions ranging from touring Shakespeare to a drag parody of “The Little Mermaid”. His personal beer recs would be the local Wormtown Be Hoppy IPA and the faraway Deschutes Brewery Fresh Squeezed IPA (if you ever find yourself in the Pacific Northwest).