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#OnThisDate February 5, 1918

#OnThisDate February 5, 1918 – Stephen W. Thompson shoots down a German airplane, achieving the first aerial victory by the U.S. military.Since his American squadron had not yet started flying missions, Thompson visited a nearby French bombing squadron , to observe preparations for a combat flight. A French observer became ill and Thompson was invited to…

#OnThisDate February 4, 1789

#OnThisDate February 4, 1789 – George Washington is unanimously elected as the first President of the United States by the U.S. Electoral College. He remains the only president to have been elected by unanimous vote…and he did it twice. #AnswerTheCrawl

#OnThisDate February 3, 1690

#OnThisDate February 3, 1690 – The Massachusetts Bay Colony issues the first paper money in the Americas. The money, which was called a bill of credit, was used to pay for military action against Canada during King William’s War. #AnswerTheCrawl

#OnThisDate February 2, 1790

#OnThisDate February 2, 1790 – The U.S. Supreme Court sits in session for the first time. The session, which took place at The Royal Exchange in New York City, was supposed to have started on February 1 but the court lacked a quorum as only 3 of the 6 justices were present. #AnswerTheCrawl

#OnThisDate February 1, 1893

#OnThisDate  February 1, 1893 – Thomas Edison completes construction of the first motion picture studio, The Black Maria, on the grounds of Edison’s laboratories in West Orange, NJ. #AnswerTheCrawl